The Simple 7 Step System 
UK Coaches Can Use To Attract New Clients and Coach Them Online In Groups 

Special Master Class 
with Paul Healey

Founder: Group Coaching Academy

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 In This Free Master Class, I Will Show You How To Attract & 
Enrol Clients and Coach Them Online In Groups.

You will also discover...

Why online group coaching outperforms 1 on 1 coaching, when it's done right. I will show you how during this training. 
The simple 7 step system you can start using today  to recruit high quality coaching clients on auto-pilot in 2021. 
The biggest mistake 95% of Coaches make that prevents them from ever making a lucrative coaching income, and how to fix it.

'Paul's system for attracting new clients and coaching them online in groups has completely transformed my business'.

Pete Cohen - leading UK coach.

About Your Presenter
Paul Healey is founder of Group Coaching Academy, an organisation dedicated to helping UK Coaches grow their coaching business. 

A qualified coach himself, specialising in business performance,
Paul understands the challenges Coaches face in building their own coaching businesses. 

As such he has developed a 7 step system that helps UK coaches attract, enrol and coach at scale so that they can have a bigger impact whilst earning a lucrative income, without burning themselves out.  

This free masterclass gives a deep dive into that 7 step system so that you can start implementing the strategies into your own business today. 
Group Coaching Academy, run by Paul Healey, is a UK based company dedicated to helping coaches, trainers and consultants launch and grow their own Online Group Coaching Program. This 75 minute online training is completely free and will give you all of the actionable steps you will need to take in order to start your own Online Group Coaching Program. Please note, this is not a job offer nor is it a work from home opportunity. It is a proper business that requires effort. The results I share are my own results and those of students I have helped. They should not be used as a guarantee of what can be achieved as results vary from individual to individual based on their own efforts. At the end of the training I offer a free 1 on 1 strategy session for those who feel they may need more help implementing the strategies I share in this free training. This offer is not affiliate with Facebook in any way. 

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