Hi, Paul Healey here! 

When I first qualified as a Business Performance Coach back in 2009 I was excited about putting my skills to good use.

Unfortunately I had no idea about how to attract new clients. That training wasn't included in the coaching curriculum.

So I studied everything I could about marketing.

I then executed what I learnt and, as a result, I soon had a full diary of clients.

But now I had a different problem.

No time.

That's when I transitioned to online group coaching, and that's when everything changed.

Instead of burning myself out coaching 1 on 1, I now had more income and more time coaching online in groups. 

Coaching online in groups also enabled me to have a bigger impact on the people I served. 

More importantly, group coaching provided a far more transformational experience for my clients. 

I soon realised that other coaches were in the same situation; either not enough clients or not enough time.

So I started sharing my system.

Today I have a proven step-by-step process that helps coaches go from the limitation of 1 on 1 coaching to earning 6 figures coaching online in groups. 

If you are ready to take your coaching online, check out my free Masterclass below.

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